All For YOU

All I want to do is write to YOU
I ask God for the words-To reach the deep recesses of your heart
No, I never want to play a part- That's not in my heart

The lost,the hurt and the dying-
YOU are the reason I have endured
When I wanted to run away & die- So hurt, so scared,
felt weak and wanted to faint so many times

God showed me YOU- It made me cry

I had already witnessed God use me- To lead around 1,000 to Christ
I would, I do pray in Jesus name to be led,given words to speak,and for my protection

Than off I went, I go Looking for YOU
The best time of my life- Talking to YOU, trying to reach YOU
The Lost, The hurt, and the dying

When it seemed/ seems like the hound dogs of hell are after me-
I seek/ sought Jesus, because I didn't / don't want to miss YOU
Even when witches surround me - To stop me from reaching YOU

Even "if" in some cases YOU be that worker of darkness after me

I stay close to Jesus- So I can continue to reach YOU
To reach YOU with love- The Love of God
Because He loves YOU- I love YOU

The way God loves me is incredible and He Loves YOU the SAME
I am not here to pronounce you guilty- But Forgiven & Welcomed
To know this love- That is available to us In Jesus

I live for Jesus- Jesus lived, died, and rose just for YOU & I

In every fight, warfare, attacks, I have gone / go through
With every tear cried - In pain - seemingly alone

Going against the grain- The pressures,Temptations ....
Fall & rise over & over again - strengthened by God

So many ways my heart has been trampled on
Irregular heartbeat - But Listen To it BEAT

Unstoppable Because I gave my life to Christ
By His spirit / Holy Spirit - ask- asking for more

Eyes fixed on Jesus - I think of YOU
No looking back - I will continue to reach YOU
My heart cries out to God for YOU

Let God love YOU, Keep YOU, Restore YOU-
To be given strength unknown before-

So YOU Can endure, Walk Through Storms & Darkness
The Tests,Trials, all the Hate, Lies- In This World

Knowing without a shadow of a Doubt, God Loves YOU-
He WILL Lead YOU, Never Forsake YOU


HE Saved ME from ALL Kinds of Sin

So He Taught ME,Kept ME, Comforted ME
Raised ME Up- True Repentance

Delivered from Death, Destruction, Misery, Regret-
No More Open Doors
Satanic Molding - The Holding NO MORE

LIFE Truly is Found In Christ-
I WILL Continue to go Forward

Covered By The Blood Of Jesus-
Walking in the Power of His Holy Spirit

And One Day - I Look Forward To
Walking Down The Streets Of Gold With YOU & JESUS
The One's Who Gave ME A Reason to not go off Course & Lose my Soul


by Heavenbound

Awake O'Sleeper

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lifegate profile image

lifegate 3 years ago from Pleasant Gap, PA

Incredibly powerful HB. Thanks for sharing this with us. Keep at it!

heavenbound5511 profile image

heavenbound5511 3 years ago from Under the shadow of the Almighty God! Author

Thank You LifeGate!

jessroxi777 profile image

jessroxi777 3 years ago from Jensen Beach, Florida

Thank you so much "Heavenbound5511" -God Bless you!!!

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