All Grown Up

together at last!

As children we played, we didn’t have a care;

We were free, wild and innocent;

And all our thoughts we recklessly shared,

Boys and girls in our own little world,

Make believe and reality all meant the same; day by day.

Those early days, friendships formed,

That would last forever;

But each of us left and we parted our ways.

Missing each other as time bent us away,

Swaying, stretched to our limits,

To be molded and made,

Would we ever see again the one

For whom we prayed?

Well, then it happened,

Our hearts sought each other,

From lands far away,

Life brought us together again, today.

Strengthened and toughened,

We were much the same,

Renewed was our friendship,

It grew back to stay.

We told each other our stories,

To us it mattered much,

That we’d understand

What life had brought us,

And made us to be;

The person inside us,

Care-free once more,

The very best friends ever we are,

Just all grown up:


June 20, 1997

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