All Wet

All Wet

If happiness is water,
Then I was a dry sponge
     Before we met.
But at the present,
     I am soaking wet.
If ivy is love,
Then my green love,
Forever grows on a topless castle.
The tears I shed are
     Made of water,
Which the ivy consumes.

Symbolically one
And entwined doubly:
Physically, mentally,
I won’t let go.
Dream and wake alike
I envision only you.
And my ivy is saturated by the
Endless water you provide.


I know this one isn't a particularly great poem, but it came from the heart and I had written it specifically for my girlfriend in early 2009. No one else has ever read it, so I decided to share it. Hope you enjoy this sappy little love poem. :)

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Philanthropy2012 profile image

Philanthropy2012 4 years ago from London

That's beautiful, I liked it :)

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