All in My Head

All in my Head

Tumultuously speaking,
Of the details that be creaking...
Isn’t life fantastic?
Or am I just sarcastic?

The ins and outs and in-betweens,
Of everything that can’t be seen.
Like what she dreams and what she thinks,
Or if he stinks because he drinks.

Like an eagle and a beagle,
We are wishing I was regal.
You see bald, you see loyal,
See my wallet, I’m not royal.

Hoping you won’t groan or moan,
When you smell my pheromones.
They are natural like potato skin,
Leave it on, let it swim, sink it in.

That’s not to say my underarms are armor-less,
Less is more, but I adhere, I must confess,
The deodorant is odorless, and as I said,
Less is more, more or less, in my head.

I’d like to think you didn’t lie,
But lay it down, eye to eye.
I saw you, before you sat,
You saw me before our chat.

Raise ‘em up, clink the drinks.
Drink ‘em down, see who blinks.
Is this a duel and I’m the fool?
Or did I really play it cool.

I’m in court and you’re the judge,
Please don’t sentence me a grudge.
I wish that I could say the same,
No matter what, I’m to blame.

I believe I could take it easy,
Even if the wind gets breezy.
The interaction’s a tornado blast,
And I’m never first, always last.

Success comes in other colors,
Green is for another brother.
Give me hope and I’ll slow down,
Maybe I will earn that crown.

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