All that Shines....

by Anne deNize

I laid my trap as carefully as I had laid my plans. The net, tied just so, string leading behind the big tree. I had practised. I had hidden behind the tree and seen. Now I watched carefully, patiently. A spider ran over my foot. I waited. One foot went numb. I kept on waiting.

When the moment came, quick as a flash, I pulled the string and captured it. Thrashing around, bright green feathers flying, sharp black bill snapping, it pulled the net this way and that, while I held on, held on very tight to the string.

“Cut that out! I commanded sternly. “It’s no use, the game is up.” Beady black eyes looked at me unkindly from under bright red feathers. Gradually the pin-sharp outline blurred, the feathers melted, the beak receded. What looked back was not bird, not animal, not anything of this Earth that I had ever heard about. It was sullen - had no face but was definitely sullen.

“So what are you about, spying on folks that never did anything to you?” I asked, not gently.

“None of your business, you old crone,” spat the thing. “What betrayed me?” I chuckled, for I was pleased.

“Green woodpeckers are not vegetarians.”

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lmmartin profile image

lmmartin 7 years ago from Alberta and Florida

Hi Anne,

Is this a section of something longer? Your writing says you are a great storyteller, and I'm left waiting for more.

Anne 7 years ago

Hi Immartin

That is actually the whole story, believe it or not. It could be fun to do something longer with it, though, thanks for the idea.

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