"Allergic," Just another poem about dope.

Have you ever been addicted to something that you’re allergic too?

Got you feeling so restricted, you love it, but still it’s hurtin you?


Man I know the feelin this villain he lives inside of me.

Outside I’m a Christian with visions at least I try to be.


These bubblin smoke dreams keep troublin dope fiends!

The government intervenes but nothing will help it seems!


Maybe it’s hopeless this plague inside us has got us beat

We’ll never be smokless we’re way to tied up it’s our defeat


I just wanna find a way back to the peace of a better day.

If someone would light the way, would I leave or just rather stay?


It’s crazy huh? Just insane like my mind is gone!

It plays me rough like a game that I find is wrong!


Who’s playin this joke on me?

Stop placing this yoke on me.


I was born to be free not a slave to this dope and pipe

I just long to be me I was made to live a holy life.

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