Alone Again


By: Phoenixx Vann Der Snatsch

My blue eyes fade to grey

As memories just pass away.

I glide through the times we've spent

Even to the bitter end.

Again and again I wish I was okay,

But I know I'll miss you either way.

I take my pain and take my hurt

And walk away, tears hitting the dirt.

Head down, I walk the path of life,

Again alone, but that must suffice.

Love, it only runs so deep

Before the wounds start to seep.

Love, it reads my incompetence

And tortures me for forgotten sins.

Love, it drains the heart of feeling

And with that, stops the heart from healing.

Love, it comes with a solid hate

For anyone my heart to take.

If only we still could be

Together, simply blissfully.

But that is not the case,

So make haste! Make haste!

I cannot wait for the world to fall

To try to claim one for my all.

Until the day I recompense

For the insignificance

Of the feeling of my heart,

For it is torn apart.

Here I am, walking away,

Head down, paving the way.

The pieces of my broken heart

In my hands, they lie apart.

Sentimental words of emotion

Have been spoken; Have been spoken.

Whispered words of the past

Come to haunt me, at last.

Regretting now and forevermore

The way our emotions poured.

I almost undeniably regret

The day that we had ever met.

But in this broken heart of mine,

I know and I realize

What I say and what I mean

Are two completely different things.

I love you for every moment we spent

Together, just lying in bed.

I love you for every memory

We have, between you and me.

I love you for what you have taught,

Whether bad or good, it matters naught.

I love you for what you have told

Even when I thought it was old.

Until next time, we make our separate ways.

I love you for ever and for always.

I wish it didn't have to happen like this

But just take this one last kiss.

Take your journey and be on your way,

For today is a completely new day

And with it holds new possibilities,

So we may create our new destinies.


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