Once we stood on this very shore,
and watched the sea gulls fly by..
And as we listened to the ocean's roar,
We held hands and smiled wide...

Now I stand here all alone,
You are no longer here...
and the hand I held is now gone,
And I shed such lonely tears...

Where went my time with you?,
How can my love of a lifetime be no more?...
It seemed only a fleeting moment or two,
Now I stand alone on this shore...

Will I ever know another happy day?,
My love has gone to a place I can't be...
I have been left here alone to stay,
No more hand to hold, only the memory...

The winds come and I feel embraced,
It suddenly becomes so clear...
I wipe the tears from my face,
I know my love is near, my love is near....

Dawn Gagnon

Copyright ©2009 Dawn Gagnon


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