Alternatives to Shopping at Barnes and Noble

Because of the need to equip a high school classroom with a wide variety of books for SSR (sustained silent reading), I discovered inexpensive options that have enabled me to acquire a nice selection of books in a relatively short period of time.

I love to browse through used book stores. In fact, I love to browse through thrift stores and do so on a regular basis. I usually find some great books priced anywhere from 49 cents - 2.99. Subjects range from contemporary best sellers, like Twilight, (I actually paid 99 cents for a hardcover copy) to many other topical non-fiction books that the students love to read.

Check out these places -






Browsing your local library's book sale is also a great way to find some outstanding bargins!

For those "hard-to-find" but "got-to-have" copies of certain books, I always turn to

The great thing about this Ebay affiliate is that you can create a "wish list" and they automatically notify you when the particular book or CD, DVD, etc. becomes available. When I am feeling lazy and don't have the time to go browsing, I am searching here ------ OR

Amazon is also a source for used copies of books. HAPPY BROWSING!

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Russ52 7 years ago

Thank 4 The Sites (:-)

catlyn 7 years ago

You are welcome, Russ!

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