Aluminum Soul.

Aluminum Soul.

It's crumpled
my soul
compressed into
a tight ball
foiled at every turn
life's pressures
so unrelenting
squeeze out
the free spirit in me
leaving just
wrinkles and dents
of despair
in this humble abode
where I hang
my hopes and dreams
my soul.


The Spirit Is Willing But The.....

Oh..that I could break free
of fleshly bonds
and wing my way
across the skies
that gray your world
to touch you
with a healing balm
that calms
your darkest hours
to hold you
in the cradle
of my understanding
and warmth
to join with you
sharing your pain
melting it into something
worth cherishing
but life has chains
that bind us
to its choices
thus the spirit
can only dream
in order to fully blossom
it is why I write poems
to offer words
so meaningful
that our spirits
can still embrace
between the lines.



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Brenda Durham 6 years ago

At once haunting and lovely.

Beautifully written.

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Lecie 6 years ago

gives me chills. this is really good work. very inspiring and creative.

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