Always A Magental-man

Always a Magental-man!



I am purple

like a bruise
when life smacks

me down to size,
bringing the

contusions of confusion
that wound my soul,
but also lavender

like a crocus
bursting forth

from the bitter earth
springing back from

the coldness of despair
to bask in the

sunshine of love.

I am Barney

to my child,
large and fuzzy

in my love for him
as we wile away

the hours at play.

I am passionately purple
to the very

tip of my needs
with my love shared in
those rare moments
of flesh blending.

I am plum tickled
at the joys of life
but I can become
violet with an n added
when rage besets me
at the wounding of
anyone that I care for.

It is then that
the grapes of wrath
are pressed into whines
from the aggressors
who sought pain.

I am a palette

of amethyst
splashing my colors
across the world,
till the sunset

of my life,
brings purple

clouds to weep
over the grave
that marks

my passing.



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pbwriterchick 7 years ago

many shades... many shades.. Your kid must be half grown now at least, Barney isn't even on anymore, is he? :)

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