Amidst Such Royaltrees...Blooms Perfect Peace

Amidst Such Royaltrees...Blooms Perfect Peace.



In a land where trees are king,

birds adorn their massive crowns.

Sequoias are but dwarfs beside them,

men live in the knotholes

of their massive trunks,

making habitable the huge spaces

left by nature there.

Their saws and cutting tools

scratch useless against such girth,

so they make use of nature's unspoiled gifts.

The air is purer than virgin angels,

because of so much monstrous foliage

generating oxygen for all.

Sustenance is provided

by the giant fruit and nut bearing trees,

in a place with no disease.

All limbs both green and flesh

reach for the God

that made them great

and peace is a constant in this place.

No conqueror would dare approach

in a world where all have plenty,

nor seek to to wreak havoc

with the lookouts who are

posted so high, sharing views for miles.

If only there was such a land,

wouldn't we all flock there

to raise our children in the shade

of such great guardians above us.

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