An Idea of Me

Photo by: VKPhotoWiz
Photo by: VKPhotoWiz

If I could only be what is in there eyes

Here I am all of me

Everyone’s view so high

There’s not much to see


A meager and happy beginning

We didn’t need much in life

Honor, loyalty, diligence, these three things

Only monetary strife


Every challenge overcome in stride

Bending circumstance to my will

Leader in peripheral alone inside

Smile for the camera but where is my pill


Outrunning others, God given talents in my eyes

A picture in my mind moves through my hand

A cameras shutter awards stacked high

An ideal existence had to be divinely planned


Such are ideas of me

Those known and just met

Attraction to what they see

So handsome a pet


An empty mirror stands in front of me

I can not look in his eyes

Searching for what I could be

Living life’s lies


I gave of my true self once upon a time

And heightened once again the idea of me

All is lost in my heart and mind

My true reflection shattered by an idea of she


Now I sit wet frosted air fingers stiff

Gazing into the darkness aching to see

On top this desolate cliff

Searching within for this idea of me


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