An Intrepid Miner of Substance

I close my eyes as

Granulated brain waves


Like pixilated images

On a movie screen

Pockmarked by time

And uncommon expectation

And uncommon virtue

As if that was a thing at all

I see it and feel it and know it

But only surreptitiously

Because that’s all anyone knows

About anything anyway

In an afternoon

As an afterthought

Bluish waves of allusion

Fall prey to delirious anticipation

Which of course is a vapor

A spurious stench of misfortune

Embodied in a pernicious

Dance of anger

It doesn’t make sense

To an intrepid miner of substance

But on the cusp of serendipity

It hardly matters

Since the veil of ripened truth

Rests on the broadened shoulders

Of tomorrow’s pallid hope

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Jackwms profile image

Jackwms 5 years ago

Hey Greg. Good stuff!

Gerg profile image

Gerg 5 years ago from California Author

Thank you.

lalesu profile image

lalesu 5 years ago from south of the Mason-Dixon

Beautifully composed, thought provoking..."Intrepid Miner of Substance"...carefully, cautiously sifting through the silt and muck for things solid, lasting, valuable. I have a giant sluice pan for just such a thing, most call it a bath tub, but for me it's the "cusp of serendipity" and there all the night noise become music to my ears. ~ Laura ;D

Gerg profile image

Gerg 5 years ago from California Author

Spot on, lalesu. Not surprised to have someone as talented with words as you to understand, and honored that you have.

Best, G

KDee411 profile image

KDee411 5 years ago from Bay Area, California

Gerg, I had to read your poem three times,to understand the meaning. Now it makes sense . The misfortune is not uncommon. Your writing is very good. Made me think.


Jackwms profile image

Jackwms 5 years ago

Regarding lalesu's post, I certainly agree about she is talented with words. I'll have to save that part about the giant sluce pan. Anyway Greg, this was a good hub. You are also talented.

Gerg profile image

Gerg 5 years ago from California Author

KDee411 - I know; I don't usually do poetry, and I probably made it a little too murky. I'm playing with poetry at this point, and seeing what feels right to me. Still trying. Thank you for your kind words.

Dad - thank you. You should read some of lalesu's hubs; I'm referring more to those than to her entry above. There are some people like her who just have this amazing way of using words like a paint brush...

KDee411 profile image

KDee411 5 years ago from Bay Area, California

I liked it Gerg, I think poetry is easier than other writing, because I look up each word, one at a time. Like I'm looking up "surreptitiously"huuuu good word. If you read my profile you would read me like a book and know english is very hard for me. But poetry! I think i love it. Took me a month to do that one of mine, I wish I could be that happy with some of the dumb commets I make. I've got a lot of heavy stuff, hope it comes out as good as the poem. I look forward to more of your poems.


lalesu profile image

lalesu 4 years ago from south of the Mason-Dixon

Peeking in to say thanks for the kinds words above - Laura

Pearldiver profile image

Pearldiver 4 years ago from Tomorrow - In Words & NZ Time.

Nice work Gerg and such an apt set of images, especially the winter trees. Very deep and very much appreciated, thanks for sharing your talents. As a poet, I am always happy to find solid works and writers on this site! Cheers.. you take care .. I will read more!

Gerg profile image

Gerg 4 years ago from California Author

Thanks Pearldiver - I actually took that photo myself on a backpacking trip with my son. It was early morning and the lake was just incredibly still. I appreciate your kind words!

klarawieck 4 years ago

Phewww... I'm safe! I looked up "surreptitiously" last week. Yeap... it was in the Miami Herald - an article that revolved around that word. And... I completely forgot what it means, so... I'm gonna go and look it up right now... I'll be back later with the second half of my response... yeah, that!

Gerg profile image

Gerg 4 years ago from California Author

I actually use that word in casual conversation. I guess I should be aware I may be losing people. Wouldn't be the first time!

klarawieck 4 years ago

You do? Hmm...

I was joking though. I do know the word, but I wasn't kidding when I said I learned it last week. Something about a man surreptitiously placing a camera in a dressing room. Trust me, I learned the word.

The poem is absolutely gorgeous. Our subconscious mind has all the answers but even if we had access to that information there is little we can do about changing things that matter. That's my take on it, anyways. And yes, I do believe you are an intrepid miner of substance.

Gerg profile image

Gerg 4 years ago from California Author

Agreed. This poem actually comes from a place of painful contemplation, followed by a defiant acceptance.

My use of words stems from the desire to understand and be understood. If word A doesn't fully carry the message, then word B is just a bit more precise. I'm sorry you had to have your vocabulary expanded through that sordid story...


klarawieck 4 years ago

Wait... I'll get back to you on that... Let me look up "sordid" Hahaha

Gerg profile image

Gerg 4 years ago from California Author

Sordid: Vile, selfish, dirty, degraded, depraved....aka not good!

BeyondMax profile image

BeyondMax 4 years ago from Sydney, Australia

Very interesting thoughtful poem, deep. I like it how you pull the reader inside with intricate word images, very clever! You should write more poetry, you have this elusive streak of mystery within, it's captivating!

Gerg profile image

Gerg 4 years ago from California Author

Thanks Max. Still trying to get a grasp of poetry and definitely appreciate the encouragement!

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