An Irish Jig...........Saw!


An Irish Jig.........................................Saw

She was my

lovely Leper con,
but I did not

know she had it,
till pieces of me

all fell... "OOOPS!!"
"There goes my nose,

Please grab it!!"


My Irish eyes

were smiling,
till my left one

hit the ground,
and my lucky charm

who blessed me with,
gang-green could

not be found,

We found her ear

outside the bar,
with an earring still intact,
where she dissapeared to,

no one heard,
But my right ear

joined hers ,


They brought corned

beef and cabbage,
it's taste filled

me with awe,
so I gobbled

it voraciously,
till I lost my

lower jaw.

Before my lips

fall off let me,
wish you all

"Happy St. Patricks,"
if you dare, come

visit my wheelchair,
I'm the torso

in geriatrics.

My privates were

the last to go,
my sham-rocks

both looked beat,
soon the rest of me

all puddled goes,
to the middle of my seat.

Beware of

lucky Leper Cons,
and the pot of

gold they promise,
or just like me

you'll find sadly,
things gone that

once were on us.






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