A Poem About Debt - How Debt Can Take Over Your Life

A poor attempt at a poem. The subject is debt which seems apt as I probably should have borrowed some of you Hubbers poetry skills.

Debt is a monster,

Knocking at the door,

With his wide, deceiving, greedy smile,

Begging to come in.

Do not let him in, O little one, though his ugliness seem exaggerated,

For once inside he grows and grows,

enclosing each free space,

until there is no escape,

And then debt chokes you,

Even to death.

Debt is a bright red stain,

On the snowy carpet that is your name.

whatever you try,

the stain remains,

In the whispers of those both strange and familiar.

And though you try to hide it,

It is all that you see,

And your life becomes a ruined rug.

Debt is a credit card,

All shiny and new arrived in the mail.

Assuring you of its assistance,

with each and every bill.

It is smooth and sleek;

It swipes and sweeps,

Until you do not realize it has swept the rug from under your feet,

And you are left homeless - but not alone-

Through those cold nights, debt is there beside you.

Debt is the ocean,

lapping at your feet,

Inviting you to partake,

To relax in its refreshing cool waters.

All too soon you realize you have swum into the deep,

And then debt's current sucks you in,

Drags you under,

Yourself never to be found again.

Debt is the stuff on which nightmares are built;


And toads,


And slugs.

Slimy and slick,

Bitter and harsh,

A monster with a deceiving smile,

Knocking at your door.


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Kevina Oyatedor profile image

Kevina Oyatedor 3 years ago

This is a nice poem. You can't run from debt and it sucks, but we always deal.

North Wind profile image

North Wind 3 years ago from The World (for now) Author

Thanks Kevin!

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