An Ode to Desiree Paulsen

An Ode to Desiree Paulsen

Your life in full bloom,

As the spirits caress,

Your petals, your colour,

You show with finesse!

No wilting moment,

can capture your gait,

As you playfully rapture,

the minds of your mates!

In the height of your spring,

You gave flight to your swing,

By sharing your dance,

with many who could have missed their chance!

Now facing the stage,

Enthralled, as we gaze,

You begin the next scene,

This life of yours, to others, a dream!

Your crescendos, your Altos, consumed with, by grace,

Your unwavering morals,

Your soul makes you face!

A Lover, a Mother, a Goddess indeed,

Bravado, atonement,

held you in good stead!

Applause to creators

whose blueprints you hide,

Puccini and Mozart, no match,

they have died!

Those who are privy

in sharing your gifts,

are blessed with

endearing mortality lifts!

Your legacy, albeit in seasonal bend,

A runner with wolves

In the lives that you mend!

The compass internally woven in you,

inspires direction to all who are blue,

Those cardinal points,

with which you’ve been blessed,

Makes me embrace you, my friend

You’re the best!!!!

By Nicky Bantham

Copyright © November 2010

An ode to Desiree Paulsen 2 comments

Karen Wodke profile image

Karen Wodke 6 years ago from Midwest

Very descriptive! Really gets to the heart of all that is Desiree. I don't know her, but feel like I do after reading your poem.

Nicky Bantham profile image

Nicky Bantham 6 years ago Author

Thank you, Karen. Desiree is a very special lady, I've met in South Africa, a few years ago, and through fortuitous circumstances, got to know her depth, when we travelled Turkey together last Summer. She is dynamic!

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