An Ode to Revelations

Silent are sands

that eat at men

dread they all

the earth beneath

the sky above

they tremble and quake

least if fall and end the party

imagine they men

and phantoms

all with one identity 

though different in name

ID or person.

Death they fear


Hear you a thought

an idea or fancy

if fear the sword

or wrath of earth

the midnight cloaks 

gnaws at your pillow 

Death come for no one early

Who bear the masters yoke.

Take a step 

towards the temple

place thy foot 

twards calvary

swear to god to bleed a little

or as He wills

for the good of thy seed.

Consecrate thy mind and body;

bow down beneith the meanest man.

See the world of opportunity

to do the will of the Great I Am.

Covet no more your time and talents.

Hear all men who come with truth.

Know the feast is set 

The master waiting

Get ye ready

You have been warned.

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