And So I Say Thank You, A Letter To My Parents

Thank you both for giving me life, thank you even more for raising me right, for teaching me right from wrong, for leading by example and providing a caring loving home.

Thank you for in stilling in me the values of spirituality, as a mother myself, now I pass on the blessing. As a small child I always knew, no matter my age I'd always need you. When life takes it's sudden turns, when all else seems to fail, I know that you will be there.

My parents, my best friends, the core of my being. Forever I am grateful to you. You've never on me given up. Even when you knew I was wrong, you held my hand and encouraged me to pray and move on, for many situations I endured were not in the plans for my destiny.

Your support I feel deep within my soul, as your child, for me you've always wanted the best. You've given me strength to strive for my goals , to be independent and never settle for less.

When I was young I may not have understood what being a parent was all about, It took me to have my first born to finally figure it out. And now I'm blessed with all four, each one different in their own way, yet still I love them all the same. I thank you both once again, my parents my best friends.

Copyright 2011. M Woodson-Ursery

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lindsy lohan222 profile image

lindsy lohan222 5 years ago from no where

awww i jusmt wanna cry lots but hey peeps always say big girls don't cry

Dannikha21 profile image

Dannikha21 5 years ago from NY, NY, USA

We can really never understand our parents until we became parents. I honestly missed my parents upon reading this.

4eare 4 years ago

35tr2d 4 years ago


jean 4 years ago

nce one ...

lily 4 years ago


leslie joy patingan 4 years ago

uhmm wow a letter grate $_$

andres medalle 3 years ago

love it

jinahbaik 3 years ago

I am proud of you

Irene 3 years ago

I'm touch

arvyshenllanes 3 years ago

grateful letter

jennyfer 2 years ago

as a daughter, the greatest gift of all is our parents :)

Yi Ting 2 years ago

A good letter

recilyn 2 years ago

ouch!! ilove mom and dad

nico 2 years ago

It is so very nice letter

RYZA CABANELEZ 2 years ago


tausi 14 months ago


aira gomez 11 months ago

Awww nakaka touch nice ahh

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