Angels Of Mercy Amidst The Merciless

Angels Of Mercy Amidst The Merciless.




I see the world in her eyes,
a new world of passion and hope,
reflecting across the mirror of man's pain.
The angel of mercy approaches,
to heal cancer ridden children,
and ease the ache in old folks's bones,
Comfort the parents of sons
butchered in Iraq,
and leave boxes of nourishment
near the cardboard shelters of the homeless.
Vote out the deadbeat leaders,
who serve only themselves
while our children die.
Such angels are granted great power
in the vast beyond
offering the souls of aborted babies
new wombs to dwell in,
restoring innocence to the abused,
saving lives in an instant
before the wrench of
grinding metal and glass,
the rend of lead penetrating flesh.
Prayer is her calling card,
an invite to come,
oftentimes through people amongst us,
who (forgive) and simply (give for)
the sheer joy and peace of it.
Wings are earned by such kind souls here,
Heaven is a place that promotes them
from mere mortals to angels of mercy.
It is one of the highest callings,

How big are the stubs of your wings?

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