Another Sight

what we see from Lindsay Anne
what we see from Lindsay Anne
Confused chimp from Tambako The Jaguar
Confused chimp from Tambako The Jaguar
Perception from Matt Molloy
Perception from Matt Molloy
Reality is in the eye of the beholder from Liam Moloney
Reality is in the eye of the beholder from Liam Moloney

Another Sight

By Tony DeLorger © 2013

It seems I have mistaken,

what for me in life has shaken,

beliefs I have long forsaken,

come back to haunt me so.

What once I thought an eloquence,

comes back as dire consequence,

and I in shock and pure defence,

renounce my vision lost.

How sight has somehow let me down,

a misguided view of some renown,

I clung too fast to rocky ground,

and now I pay the price.

It's funny how the truth does change,

or is it me that's rearranged,

the thinking I was so sure pertained,

to all I knew of life.

Reality paints a different stroke,

so crystal clear from what I evoked,

and now I doubt my judgement, hope,

deluded as I can be.

I guess it proves that sight evolves,

and understanding is more involved,

than what I though when I was told,

that truth will set you free.

Everything in life is in constant movement, change, including our perceptions.

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