My wife's possessed car II; The Tailgater

Julia and the Tailgater

This is another tale of Julia, my wife's possessed car.

Late one evening my wife was driving Julia, and was on her way from our house to the nearby Wal-Mart.
My wife decided to take a quiet back road to avoid traffic. The road is secluded, dark and pretty much straight except for one right-angle turn and the other a left angle turn which were about a half of a mile apart.
The speed limit was 45-mph on the straight away and 15-mph on the corners.

As my wife was approaching the first turn, she noticed a car coming up behind her very quickly. This other car gained on Julia and started tailgating so close it made my wife nervous. As my wife slowed for the first turn the tailgater stayed on Julia’s bumper. As my wife accelerated back up to 45-mph, the tailgater continued to stay on Julia's bumper. At turn #2, my wife slowed very little to make the left hand turn.
At this time, dear reader, I must tell you that Julia takes corners like she’s on rails.

As my wife approached the turn, she worried that this tailgater just might hit her from behind if she tried to slow down for the turn. So, she went around the corner at 40-mph.
The tailgater followed her at 40-mph as well.
As Julia rounded the corner, her headlights showed a large cow in the middle of the right hand lane!

My wife yanked the steering wheel hard to the left, which put Julia in the left lane of the road.
She missed the cow and so did the tailgater.
After clearing the cow, my wife looked in the rear view mirror and could see that the tailgater was no longer close behind Julia, so my wife came to a stop on the side of the road. She wanted to check on the driver who was tailgating her to make sure he was all right.
My wife, Julia and the cow were OK, but the other driver’s car was not as agile as Julia and had ended upside down in the ditch on the side of the road.

The driver said he was OK, so my wife called 911 to report his accident.

The police came quickly. As my wife was explaining the details of the accident to one officer, the man from the other car kept telling the other officer he was just trying to do what the lady in the Porsche did.
My wife kept telling the other driver that Julia is a Nissan, not a Porsche. After a few minutes, the officer became annoyed with the other driver and told him, “Look sir, it’s a Nissan, not a Porsche”.
The other driver took a step back and looked over at Julia saying, “Well it drives like a Porsche”!
That made my wife’s day! Go figure.

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mat 6 years ago


what made her day about the man saying IT drives like a Porsche, was it because he said it because Julia is alive or because he said that she was like a Porsche?

ttagpine profile image

ttagpine 6 years ago Author

Hi again Mat.

It was because he said Julia was like a Porsche.

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