My life of bullying

As you grow up,you go through a lot of things. Things you didn't want to go through,such as bullying. Ever since 3rd grade through the day I graduated I've been a victim of bullying. I don't like what they did to me. I remember 1st time I moved to Texas,i had my backpack on,and lost my balance. Did anyone help,nope I was humiliated. People still talk about that,people pushed me around thinking I was a easy target. Until 6th Grade I had enough,and finally stood up for myself. In 7th grade I had my head busted,by a friend pushing me into a bench. 8th grade I had a airsoft gun pulled out on me,i know it wasn't real,but imagine the things I've been through. 9th grade the kid i stood up to picked on me again,he gave me a black eye. 10th grade i was the laughing stock of the school.11th Grade,people still laughed at me,like i was invisible,12th grade the happiest day of my life,i graduated,and moved on away from that garbage,now look where I'm now,look what I can do. Everyone that picked on me,is now trying to be buddy buddy with me. They lost a nice friend they could of had.

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rorshak sobchak 5 years ago

There definitely needs to be a better form of supervising in schools. There are way to many chances for bullies to act out. There also needs to be some kind of better discipline. I am sorry that you had to experience this. I voted up.

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writingpoetry 5 years ago from Texas Author

ty man,and i agree,there should be more supervision.

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