Anything (a Poem)

I would give anything
Just to have one more chance with you
I would give anything
To come home to you
To see your sparkling eyes
To have you wipe awaythe tears I've cried
I would give anything
Just would hold you tight
I would give anything
If things could once again be alright
Just to lovingly kiss you
Just to be with you
I would give anything
For you to be my dream come true
I would give anything
If I had a chance to relive my life with you
To have one more chance at true love
To speak to you with the words of love
I would anything
To show you that you are everything
I would do anything
To show that without you I am nothing
I would anything
If you could still be in love with me once more


Copyright 2011, StJames

All Rights Reserved.

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blondepoet profile image

blondepoet 5 years ago from australia

Omg how romantic, how deep. Oh you just had to do it to me, came to let you know the hot hub is up and you look sooo hot on it, so proud. Boy though I read this and I am crying lol, as I mentioned my relationship is over and it has been a roller coaster of emotions, it was a abusive relationship which has left some deep scars. Love u xx

St.James profile image

St.James 5 years ago from Lurking Around Florida Author


I'm sorry that you have been through so much recently.

But I do understand what you are going through. I lost my dad in September and soon after lost a relationship too.

So my heart goes out to you...

I do have a few other poems written over the past 4 months that I have yet to post... maybe I will or maybe I'll just keep them to myself... I have not decided what to do yet.

Again I'm sorry for the experience of the pain you are enduring. If you weren't half way around the world... I would be there for you and be the shoulder you need.

May you find peace and your smile once again

P.S. Love you too

tonymead60 profile image

tonymead60 4 years ago from Yorkshire

St James

good verse, although the writer's voice sound hurt and injured. I many of us have one person they would love a second chance with, if only...

Wrong time wrong place, wrong relationship.

I hope they were not your hurt at the time of writing.



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