Best April Fool's Day Pranks - Can You Top This One?

I was a Biology major working my way through college, a senior at the time and sharing a rented house off campus with my old roommate and his wife. They had to leave for the spring semester however to student teach in his hometown so I put an ad in the paper to find a couple boarders to take their place because even working two jobs, one at night, was not enough to cover the lost rent.

I was fortunate, I found two great tenants, an x marine, Fred, and a drama graduate of Northwestern University, Roger, who was being mentored in acting by a famous retired drama teacher in my small college town. I was fortunate because both guys had no problem with the animals I had in my bedroom which included 4 pet bats and a screech owl that lived in a hollow log I would tether him to and it was perched high in my bedroom. The bats I had taken from a cave while they were hibernating and the owl was given to me by one of my professors who had a student that found it apparently fallen from a nest. I attach the owl's tether to the shoulder of my special CPO jacket (remember them, CPOs? well maybe if you're over 55) that didn't show the white stripes from when he'd poop down my back. This way the owl could come with me wherever I wanted to take him and he would just sleep on my shoulder during daytime. Roger and Fred were not bothered by the screeching in my bedroom when every night I had to let the bats loose to get exercise and feed them. They would circle the room dozens of times and every time they flew close to the owl perched outside his hole he would let out a screech.

Roger loved his trade - stayed up nights watching old movies starring the usual acting legends, always making me keep the station tuned in until all the credits were run. Amazingly those credits all meant something to him! On more than one occasion I would hear conversations between multiple people in the living room only to find when I came down the stairs from my bedroom it was just Roger performing different parts in front of the living room picture mirror. Roger would routinely don a disguise get into character (usually a grumpy displeased customer) and visit a restaurant where one of his co-aspiring actresses were waitressing only to mess with them while they tried to serve him - he fooled them all the time. He was a stickler for details and aesthetics - once he asked me to pick up some guitar strings so he could replace a broken one on his guitar and he freaked because the ones I got were a different color. Me? - hey if it sounds the same who cares.

It's April 1st, a Sunday. I had been up until 5:00 AM cleaning the restaurant where I was head of the cleanup crew... but the crew didn't show that night! I was exhausted and had a test coming up on Monday I had to study for so when I hit the sack, I was dead to the world (I was always a deep sleeper anyway and hard to get up).

So the stage is set. What I am going to tell you next I have no memory of as I was asleep through this part of the ordeal but according to Roger this is what happened.

Roger said at about 12:00 noon he ran from the kitchen through the living room and up the stairs as loudly as he could screaming at the top of his lungs "the house is on fire" as he ran into my room...he said I didn't move an inch! He shook me and screamed again, "the house is on fire, the gas oven blew up, you have to get out of the house NOW! "

He said I was dead to the world.

So he tramped down the stairs and repeated the whole thing stomping up the stairs ...

He said I didn't wake up.

The third time he did this rant, just before he ran back down the stairs I turned toward him still half asleep and he says I said "Well put it out"....and down the stairs he ran, screaming "the house is on fire you have to get out." This time he ran out the back door (we never used the front door and kept it locked) and into the middle of the street which was more like an alley. He stood there screaming while I lay in bed half asleep while my mind was processing all the commotion - suddenly it sunk in. Roger's ranting was no longer a dream, I could hear it loud and clear even coming from outside the house.

I leaped from my bed, started out the door - all my mind could think was to do whatever Roger was saying..."the house is on fire get out of the house!" Halfway down the steps I remembered, my screech owl, (Spook was his name). I ran back into the room, unhooked Spook's tether and as his talons dug into my shirtless shoulder I started for the door, then I noticed my books - I had to study, so I grabbed my notes and books ... oh no the bats! They were in a shoe box! I put Spook's tether in my mouth though he was still gripping my shoulder and now drawing blood. I was in full panic mode as all I could hear in my head was Roger in the distance calling to me "Tony, Get out! Get out! the house is on fire!" With the bats in one hand and my books in the other I ran down the steps skipping steps as I went, bouncing off the wall, desperately trying to hold onto my books and the shoebox of bats as I bit down on Spook's tether! I leaped from the stairs into the living room, past the picture mirror and looking in it as I ran past, I noticed Spook flying a couple feet behind me at the end of his tether.... and....then .... I saw .....all I had on was my underwear! I stopped dead! Roger's still yelling. I start to I can't run into the street in my underwear!...I turn to head for my bedroom to get dressed...Roger yells again....I decide there is no time to get dressed... THE COUCH! right under the picture mirror is our couch.....the couch cushions YES, YES they'll do...I tuck my books under my one arm and the box of bats under the other, Spook is back on my other shoulder now digging in, I grab one cushion with one hand to cover my front and the other couch cushion with the other for my butt and I head for the back door..... I remember wondering is this all a dream?

I see Roger and Fred standing, still yelling to me, in the middle of the street right outside the back door which they left open but as I burst through the doorway my elbow hits the frame and the bats come flying out of the shoebox. I manage to hold onto the cushions covering my private parts with spook flying right behind me still on his tether and amongst the bats. As I stumble toward my faithful roomates I notice they are now laughing out loud and I turn to see... "What? The house is not on fire?"

And then I realize I'm hearing many more people laughing, not just those two doofuses.

Hanging out the window of the house across the street is a lady laughing, on the front porch of the house next door there is a whole family laughing, and oh no! no! up and down the street neighbors are gawking because they heard all the screaming "the house is on fire" and came out to see what was going on.

My roommate then says "Leopard spotted cushion ware?...really, that's so gaudy!"

I was never so humiliated in my life!


At least no practical jokes!
At least no practical jokes!

Then a thing like this turtle

which I thought this was an April fools joke!

A life time of selective breeding has finally paid off & produced this gem ! We put Two Headed Turtles together for years and years-and finally we hatched this special turtle. . .
A life time of selective breeding has finally paid off & produced this gem ! We put Two Headed Turtles together for years and years-and finally we hatched this special turtle. . . | Source

Guess what, it was...

See "Source:" above lol

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Comments: Well maybe you had to be there to appreciate this one so can you top it! Add yours to the comments. 23 comments

manthy profile image

manthy 5 years ago from Alabama,USA

It can't be topped - Cool Hub

The Taco Tagger profile image

The Taco Tagger 5 years ago

That was one of the most amazing stories I've ever heard! Very cool hub!

paradigmsearch profile image

paradigmsearch 5 years ago from USA

Excellent! :-)

Mary of Bethany profile image

Mary of Bethany 5 years ago

Wow, how embarrassing! I'm surprised no one called the Fire Department. I heard of an April Fools joke where some friends decided to paint their friends' house PINK while they were on vacation...

tsadjatko profile image

tsadjatko 5 years ago from maybe (the guy or girl) next door Author

Thanks for the comments all...Taco Tagger here is a cool story for you at the end of this hub

and Mary - we heard sirens after going back in the house and that is exactly what we thought, but luckily no one called in an alarm ... I hope the pink house paint was water color!

Mary of Bethany profile image

Mary of Bethany 5 years ago

Glad nobody got in trouble for a false alarm...I hope they used watercolors also. Can you imagine the lengths that some people will go to in order to pull a prank? In High School, I decided to wear 2 different shoes. As you know, women have more than one pair of shoes. Well, anyways, after a while I realized it wasn't such a good idea, because one shoe had a higher heel than the other. One of my legs has been shorter than the other ever since! LOL

tsadjatko profile image

tsadjatko 5 years ago from maybe (the guy or girl) next door Author

Well that's an easy fix - just find one of those TV evangelists who pray for you on stage and the short leg grows out!! (That's a miracle?)

Mary of Bethany profile image

Mary of Bethany 5 years ago

LOL, That's a good one! But I think I'm all set. One of my brothers is so funny, and kept pulling my leg, that I think it has finally evened out...

tsadjatko profile image

tsadjatko 5 years ago from maybe (the guy or girl) next door Author

Now you're pulling my leg! :-)

Janeal Mulaney profile image

Janeal Mulaney 5 years ago

Great hub, Not as funny but cute still the same. I was in my eighth month of pregnancy so at 3am I called my mother to let her know my water broke and the pains were thirty seconds apart. She jumped out of bed grabbed her shirt and pants and was out the door before I could tell my dad that it was an april fools joke who had grabbed the phone she had dropped. He had to go out and get her she had already started their van to come pick me up. No she hadn't put her pants on yet, good thing it was still dark. lol.

tsadjatko profile image

tsadjatko 5 years ago from maybe (the guy or girl) next door Author

LOL! Having sired 4 kids of my own I can really relate to your April Fools joke - not something you would want to do to your husband though...if you want him living with you during the pregnancy! :-) You and your mom must have a great relationship!! Thanks for sharing your April Fools escapade!

Janeal Mulaney profile image

Janeal Mulaney 5 years ago

Thanks we did have, but I lost her 2009. Missed still, but remembering the good times help.

April Reynolds profile image

April Reynolds 4 years ago from Arizona

Very funny! I hope you were a good sport.

tsadjatko profile image

tsadjatko 3 years ago from maybe (the guy or girl) next door Author

April, if I wasn't I wouldn't have written such a self depracating hub :-)

Pinkchic18 profile image

Pinkchic18 3 years ago from Minnesota

lol I really did chuckle out loud at this. Not very nice of your roomies but it would be a very funny prank!

old albion profile image

old albion 2 years ago from Lancashire. England.

Hi tsad. A great story that ends with a smile and a plan for revenge :)


fpherj48 profile image

fpherj48 2 years ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

This is hilarious...and only something a group of GUYS would do. You're not kidding when you say you sleep soundly. I can seriously relate to that. I guess it's not so safe, but I've had no negative experiences so far because of it.....and besides, I don't believe there's much a person can do about how deeply or shallow they there?

I'm still laughing at your degree of "modesty" that it was obviously more important to you than exiting a burning house!!!

Your buddies must have been fun to be around.......but apparently they aren't aware that payback can be a bitch!...LOL UP+++

tsadjatko profile image

tsadjatko 2 years ago from maybe (the guy or girl) next door Author

It was hilarious and I never kept in touch with my roommates whom I'd love to see again. It was over 40 years ago and when I posted this hub page I was really hoping somehow one of them might stumble upon it and get in touch with me....a long shot I know but my internet searches don't even turn up a lead on them.

Thanks for visiting out of season ...of course my traffic only spikes around April fools day.

fpherj48 profile image

fpherj48 2 years ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

I'm have reached a non-working Hub-line. We are working on this issue and expect to have things up & running by Dec.31st.

tsadjatko profile image

tsadjatko 2 years ago from maybe (the guy or girl) next door Author


Nell Rose profile image

Nell Rose 23 months ago from England

Ouch! now that was one of the worse I have heard about! lol! the stupidest one that happened to me was the fact that my brother put stickers all over the back of my bike crash helmet, saying 'don't touch, contaminated!!' oh jeez thanks bro!

tsadjatko profile image

tsadjatko 23 months ago from maybe (the guy or girl) next door Author

lol...just like a sibling prank! You should have put a sticker under his that said "because my brother touched it".

Besarien profile image

Besarien 12 months ago

Oh that was bad! I got married on April Fool's Day, which for us seemed appropriate and still does nearly 18 years later.

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