Archie Sheridan/Gretchen Lowell series by Chelsea Cain


"You'll never forget me, darling."

When Portland police detective Archie Sheridan comes face to face with Gretchen Lowell, the serial killer dubbed, The Beauty Killer, his life is irrevocably changed. During his ten day ordeal, Sheridan is tortured, both mentally and physically by Gretchen. He begs for her to end his life so that he can be free of the pain. But in the end Gretchen saves his life by calling 911. Archie Sheridan becomes the only person to ever survive, The Beauty Killer.

The physical scars on his body are a permanent reminder of his time with Lowell, but it is the mental scars that turn Archie's life into a shambles. No matter how hard he tries, he cannot get Gretchen Lowell off his mind. He despises her and at the same time, longs to be with her. His obsession drives away the wife who loves him, and puts his job in jeopardy.

Also known as the Heartsick series, the Archie Sheridan/Gretchen Lowell novels follow damaged cop Archie Sheridan in his quest to be free of Gretchen's for good. In Gretchen Lowell, Chelsea Cain has created a killer every bit as memorable as Hannibal Lecter. It's a sick and twisted cat and mouse game filled with instantly lovable characters and dark humor. This is a series that should not be missed.


About the Author

Chelsea Cain was born in Iowa City, Iowa on February 5, 1972. She spent her early childhood years in a hippie commune outside of Iowa City. Her family later relocated to Bellingham, Washington. Cain spent some time working in a PR firm before becoming an author. She wrote her first novel, Heartsick, in 2004 when she was pregnant with her first child. Her Heartsick series is currently under development at Fox.

Series in order of publication


Two years ago Portland detective was tortured by serial killer Gretchen Lowell then inexplicably let go. Now Archie is a damaged soul, addicted to painkillers, voluntarily cut off from the people he loves. He cannot understand why his life was spared, so each Sunday he makes a trip to the prison to visit Gretchen, in hopes of finding his answer. But Gretchen enjoys toying with Archie way too much. Those around him see how damaging Archie's osession is, even if he can't. Now Archie is being called in on another case and it may be that Gretchen can help him solve it. But what at cost?


Archie Sheridan is trying to fight his addiction to painkillers and Gretchen Lowell. He has even moved back in with his wife and kids, but things aren't going so well. While investigating a murder, a body turns up in a park that is believed to be Gretchen Lowell's first victim, and it is somehow tied to Archie's current case. Helping Archie is punky reporter Susan Ward, who's conflicted feelings for Archie make things awkward. Then Gretchen cleverly escapes prison and Archie knows that he is the only one who can capture her, even if it means becoming her next victim.

Evil at Heart

Archie Sheridan's last encounter with Gretchen Lowell left him hospitalized for months. In the meantime, escaped convict Gretchen has become a celebrity. Her face graces magazine covers and news stories, she has fan clubs dedicated to her. For the moment anyway, a truce has been called between Archie and Gretchen. But when new bodies turn up bearing Gretchen's trademark, Archie swings back into action to catch the Beauty Killer before she kills again.

The Night Season

With Gretchen Lowell back behind bars, Archie Sheridan faces a new killer - the violently flooding Willamette River that has claimed several lives. Turns out that not all of the victims drowned. Puncture wounds in several victims reveal they died from an octopus toxin. Investigating the case together, Archie and reporter Susan Ward will find themselves digging into the town's past, and in doing so, will come up against a terrifying new killer.

Kill You Twice

With Gretchen Lowell locked away in a mental ward, Archie Sheridan is finally healing from the physical and mental wounds she inflicted upon him. A case comes across his desk - a body in a park, hung from a tree and skinned. When the story hits the news, Archie receives word that Gretchen Lowell may know the killer. She wants Archie to come see her. Even though he knows he shouldn't go, Archie won't have a moments peace until he finds out what Gretchen has up her sleeve this time.

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billybuc profile image

billybuc 23 months ago from Olympia, WA

I actually just finished reading this entire series. Gripping doesn't even come close to describing this series and the characters. Gretchen gives me goosebumps.

Winchestery profile image

Winchestery 23 months ago Author

She is definitely not a person you would want on your bad side.

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