Don’t call me because I’m trying to forget about you.

Don’t wonder where I am, Even though I’ll wonder about you.

Don’t try to influence me, confuse or tangle up my mind…


Are paths have changed, the things we want not the same.

Your life is this small town

My life needs a change

I crave the city, but you’re too happy here.

Content with the comfort, I have been bored for years

My friends all warned me that it would come to this. 

Are life’s at a cross road, the lines completely split.

You say I’ll be happy if I would just stay.

Stay with you in this repetitive town that replays itself each day

I keep on walking I don’t look back.

I will never call you, it’s just a fact.

I will not write it’s just a waste of time

Both things will fuel a fire that needs to burn out and die.

I understand you’re angry

Hurt betrayed and upset

But believe me you deserve a girl…

Who would think enough of you to look back.

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TrixieGator 5 years ago


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Sarah Writes 5 years ago from California Author

Yes I think so to, glade you agree. Thanks for stoping by!

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