My Country Roads

Country Roads

©2012 LaDena Campbell aka justateacher

Childrens laughter; Can you hear it?

Footsteps padding down the hall

"I'll come to your house after chores!"

You hear the young child call

Children playing; Can you see them?

Rope swing hanging from the trees

"Tag, you're it!" and other calls

Can be heard through the breeze

Sudden calm; Can you feel it?

Quietly, the wind is whispering now

As it weaves through the top of the grass

Still, not making a sound

Rotting wood, moldy brick; Can you smell it?

The old school tumbling to the ground

Is it only me, or can others see

The treasure that I have found

Anticipation; Can you taste it?

As the workers replace the fallen walls

Rejuvenation, excitement, even fear

Can be heard in the workers calls

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