As The Curtain Falls.


When you draw

your last breath,
even the air around

you will be your enemy,
denying you the

sweet taste of life,
as death sucks it

from your flailing flesh.

Your organs will

no longer play
the joyous melodies of being ,
the rhythms of

your heart falling still,
the trumpet of

your nose blowing sobs,
the bellows of your

lungs collapsing

like ruptured accordions.

All will grow silent

as the symphony
of existence plays

one long last note,
a death wail, a rattle,
in a dirge beyond


Lips will part,

all air will escape,
and enter no more,

the shell of your flesh,
like a battered and

broken wind instrument
you will be sealed

in a case of silk and bronze.

Many will gather

for your soliloquy
after you've played

out your final rest,
and soon enough

nature will dismantle

all that it ever

orchestrated in you.




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AuthorLMS 7 years ago

wow this is sad, depressing so it must be good. Job well done!

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