Ascending into the Fray


Ascending into the Fray

By Tony DeLorger © 2011

Ascending the walls of discontent,

my fingers bruised and gnarled.

On upward climb I endued loss,

of pain and unrealistic goals.

I’ve shuddered at the cruelty,

of beings upon this earth,

whose ambitions are ever purpose filled,

who destroy for gain and worth.

But I shall not remain a victim,

of such coarse misguided fools,

I’ll climb out of my oblivion,

to restore my faith in truth.

For although I stand alone in thought,

and I will not abide the game.

I’ll create my own deliverance,

and benefit all the same.

The world is hard and we upon,

this crust of earth and sea,

should create a world we love in thought,

in which to live our dreams.

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