As the Stars Shine

Oh, Keeper of the Stars, did you light each one by hand? Are even the tiniest of things that important to You? For the stars have no voice, theirs is a silent beauty to share; and they perform no duty to merit your gift of light. They simply shine because of Your touch upon them. And though surrounded by darkness, they question not of Your plans, nor realize that it is only because of the darkness they can be seen at all. And just because You have chosen to place them in darkness does not mean that you don't love them so, for You never forget to light them, God, each and every night. When away from the city lights, in the darkness- the eyes can see! The stars are like the outskirts of Your love God.

May my life be like that of a star. May it shine simply because of Your touch God. Even though no duty is performed to merit Your gift of light. And even when surrounded by darkness, remind me Oh Lord- that I am loved even so.

Oh Keeper of the Stars, let your twinkling lights up in the sky be a constant reminder that darkness, no matter how fierce, has enough power to overcome your Light. Thank You for Your gift of eternal life.

P.S. Did I tell You that last night there was a full moon up in the sky?

Lisa Patricoff 2007

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