Asymmetrical Do & Dress

Asymmetrical Do & Dress
Asymmetrical Do & Dress | Source

Around and about the occasion of her 12th birthday, when she began tipping the scales at over 200 pounds, Wanda Jean Jaworski started learning the art of camouflage.

At first, it was the XXXL sweats and scarves and floppy hats and big jewelry and colorful capes that took over her wardrobe. (Besides, she was into funk long before punk.) Anything dashy and splashy to keep an onlooker’s eye moving, and not dwelling too long on any one spot. And stripes? NEVER!

Caftans and mu’umu’us followed, as did bold interior apartment patterns, mastiff-sized matching poodles, really large-scale furniture and really tiny mirrors.

Lately, Wanda Jean has hit upon the asymmetrical look as socio-judgemental deflector. With do and dress skewed from side to side, she can be sure that none can trace the line of her physiognomy within the overall billowy and outrageously a-kilter presentation.

Added bonus: she can enter any gathering as one person, but leave as another.

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