At First Sight

At First Sight
By: Rhayme Roumel

Wrapped up in dreams of hopeless despair
Tormented spirit by sweet breaths of air
Dreadful disdain for love and its bounty
Peace found in hate consume of this county
For all who rely on understanding and wisdom
Shall find none but fury confused by this kingdom
Reversed by the joy that once made them whole
Destroyed by the love that inherits the soul
Confused by these words I know that you might
So stand up and find what you know to be right
With knowledge of God within self you can fight
For all to be one as the day and the night
For knowledge in all, the good and the bad
Show truths within lies making sorrowful glad
Yes, what we can see shows what we cannot
And life within death reveals death that is not
This past and this future this black and this white
Will never show present or grey at first sight


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    Black and White or Grey

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