At a Glance


You've captured my thoughts in such a way. Its truly amazing how the heart truly works.

Attraction is tricky yet truly exciting, the heart races in anticipation of us soon uniting.

You've captured my dreams, so I no longer feel lonely, in my dreams we are happy, in love and content.

The passion is endless and yes I want more.I toss and I turn, I don't want it to end.

You've captured my heart and that's the true crime, cause once I awaken I soon realize, Its all just a dream. You're not truly mine.

You've captured my soul with a simple glance, and ever since then I've been in a trance. My future seems brighter in such a strange way, cause I know once I sleep you'll be with me again.

© 2011 one2recognize2

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PDXKaraokeGuy profile image

PDXKaraokeGuy 4 years ago from Portland, Oregon

Nice, Susan I like the sentiment in this poem!

one2recognize2 profile image

one2recognize2 4 years ago from New York Author

Thanks PDXKaraokeGuy, truly appreciate your comment. :)

PDXKaraokeGuy profile image

PDXKaraokeGuy 4 years ago from Portland, Oregon

you're very welcome!

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