Au Courant, Au Fait

Au Courant, Au Fait

Today, my face hurts,
But my deep voice works.
I’m dazzled by a spoof,
The trinity’s aloof.

The robes cover lies,
And everyone dies.
We don’t even try,
We won’t get out alive.

Almost any sequence
Has no consequence,
And no one catches
Over vast stretches.

A hug, or a kiss,
Things you’d surely miss,
Will continue in kind,
In someone else’s mind.

A consolation prize?
I’d rather see her eyes,
And hoped we made a splash,
Then to think we’ll be ash.

I long to erect
My own architect.
I’d maintain control,
And fill all the holes.

Instead, we must endure,
For that, I am sure.
I have no resistance,
But I’ll keep my distance.

I identify me,
From what I can see,
But it’s only the mirror,
I wish it was clearer.

I wonder if I’m aware,
Of the main character,
In my life story;
I won’t be sorry.


The first in a short series of existential themed poems that I plan to put together. Here is the link to Part II: Part III will be here when it's done.

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Binaya.Ghimire 5 years ago

You have beautifully recreated existential problem of out life. I will love to read more on this theme.

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