Au Courant, Au Fait II

Au Courant, Au Fait II

Today, my heart tightens,
But my blood flows free,
And my knuckles whiten.
My eyes close and I see me.

Can we share time and space,
When I look inside your face?
I’m deep in you, don’t you see?
And I feel you within me.

I hear your mouth open,
But we’ve never really spoken.
I know your deepest secrets,
And you have no regrets.

But, what’s with your aura?
It’s almost like a horror.
It must be some kind of error,
For me to feel this terror;

When you made me embrace,
And I tasted your face,
I reached for your flower,
It seemed so delicately sour.

Now I see. You’re the designer,
And I’m merely a sideliner.
The mirage is a bit absurd;
What meanings have my words?

I thought we’d look together,
But instead it feels like pleather,
Now I condemn the artificial,
And I yearn for superficial.

Who needs substance in this ruse?
Are you afraid that you’d abuse?
I’ve opened my eyes tonight,
But am I trapped inside your plight?


This is the second in a series of existential poems I am writing. I have the third and final one planned and am working on it. It will be ready when it's ready. If you want to read Part I, here's a link:

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