Awaken the Giant Within by Tony Robbins: Book Review

I am a major fan of Tony Robbins, I bought Awaken the Giant quite recently. I had heard of it but I have read so many books I simply did not have the time to go through it. I am glad I did now, to be honest the majority of the information in it I had read before, but Tony Robbins puts everything in such a powerful, clear, concise and easy to read way. If you have never been in touch with the concepts of change your thought processes and taking massive action, then this is the book for you.

Tony Robbins concepts can help you to turn your life around. He teaches you to take action. Take massive action as he puts it, he teaches you to get up and take charge of your life and start living life the way you want to live it. This is a problem a lot of people seem to have and that is procrastination. Instead of taking charge of their lives the wait for a miracle. This book teaches you that you hold the miracle. Robbins puts forward the idea that the power is within you, whatever you want out of life you can achieve it.You just have to start now, start today. I have said this before, and I will say it again, there is a redemptive power in making a choice, when you make a choice, something shifts in the universe. When you make a choice something changes, your thoughts change, your mindset changes and everything kicks into gear. If you decide you can do something, if you decide you want to do something. Start making it happen, Robbins talks about giant steps towards your life change.

Many people wait for some kind of sign, or wait until they get the money for something before they take action. You can take action at any time, for example you want to lose weight, but you say I have not got  the money to join a gym. That is not a reason, that is an excuse. You can start losing weight today, you can start losing weight by  running in the street. It is free to run in the street, Tony Robbins decided that he was going to lose weight one day when he just got up and decided he was going to go for a run on the beach. Robbins teaches you that once you make a choice you have so much power within you that you can change everything in your life. You can write your life story if you want to, if you really want a certain way of life you can get it. All you need to do is take affirmative action.

This book is easy to read, exciting, insightful and very very powerful! You will not want to put it down once you have started reading it. Once you get your hands on it you will feel like you have so much power. The fires within you will really start burning. It is an amazing book, so release the power within you today and start making a change in your life. Take massive action.

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