Two ones are two

I like you

Two twos are four

I want to adore

Two threes are six

I am in a fix

Two fours are eight

Please don’t hate

Two fives are ten

I miss you very often

Two sixes are twelve

In my heart, only you dwell

Two sevens are fourteen

For my eyes, watching you is the best scene

Two eights are sixteen

For my heart you are queen

Two nines are eighteen

For so long where you have been

Two tens are twenty

For you, my love is in plenty


Three ones are three

I don’t agree

Three twos are six

Don’t apply these tricks

Three threes are nine

Without you I am fine

Three fours are twelve

Keep your ideas on shelf

Three fives are fifteen

In your proposal I am not keen

Three sixes are eighteen

Of many hearts I am the queen

Three sevens are twenty-one

Battle like these cannot be easily won

Three eights are twenty-four

It demands a lot more

Three nines are twenty-seven

It’s the question of Hell or Heaven

Three tens are thirty

So with me, please don’t be flirty

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Beth100 profile image

Beth100 4 years ago from Canada

Lovely weaving of words with emotion and thoughts of both boy and girl. It raises questions in my mind as to the games each gender plays with the other when it comes to the feelings of love.

sonison profile image

sonison 4 years ago from Heaven 7 Author

This weave of world is something very creative that came to my mind when i was watching a movie in which a girl was continously rejecting a boy's proposal. But the final work came out to be cute piece of feelings of love. Thank you for a read

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