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Book review: Geronimo Stilton,The Mysterious Cheese Thief

Geronimo Stilton and The Mysterious Cheese Thief is a book in a series about a mouse from New mouse city called Geronimo Stilton who runs a newspaper called The Rodents Gazette.

In the beginning of the story,Geronimo was working late in the office when a mouse in a suit holding a letter came to the door asking for Geronimo Stilton. The mouse gave Geronimo the letter and left.The letter said that Geronimo could no longer use Stilton in his name because it was the name of a famous cheese in England.Geronimo calls his cousin Trap, his sister Thea , his grandfather William and his nephew Benjamin and tells them about the letter.

The next day, all four returned to Geronimo's house in a cheese coloured camper.They were going to Britain! They drove to the docks,loaded the camper on a boat and then they set sail. When they got to Britain they went to a store and asked for some Stilton Cheese. The clerk told them that the store had none. A mouse had broken into the freezer last night and stolen all the Stilton cheese. Geronimo and his family went to two other stores, and were told the same thing.

Then they visited a cheese factory and got a tour.When the tour was over,Geronimo decided to stay inside a little bit longer to take notes. When he was done, he tried to leave but realised that someone had locked him inside. Then a mouse broke into the cheese factory and was stealing the cheese.Geronimo recognized the thief as a woman called ' The Shadow'. Geronimo discovered why 'The Shadow' was stealing all that cheese.She had built a house of cheese. Geronimo secretly followed The Shadow into her house, but was soon caught. Geronimo told her about the cheese trail he had left so his family could find him. 'The Shadow' got worried and hit Geronimo in the head with a hammer.After she left,Geronimo's family came , woke him up and they all set off to stop The Shadow.Even though they let her get away, the Stilton family did bring back all the cheese.

The cheese factory mice threw them a party. Geronimo's cousin,Trap, was a bit jealous because the party was especially for Geronimo. Then Geronimo and Trap started fighting. However, at the end of the book they made up at Geronimo's Christmas party.

Geronimo Stilton books provide great mystery and adventure for children, with funny dialogue and colourful characters. Geronimo Stilton and The Cheese Thief did not dissapoint, when considering the factors of the targeted age group, originality and being an overral enjoyable readl

My Rating for This Book/5: 5


The Third Degree - By Nora Mclintock

Chloe and Levesque is like Nancy Drew with a more realistic concept. Chloe and Levesque books are about a girl(named Chloe ) who lives with her mum and 2 sisters in Montreal. They all have different dads and therefore have different last names. She's Chloe Yan. In the first book Chloe is hanging out with the wrong crowd and one of them assaults a store owner. Now the police are looking for the assaulter. Chloe accidentally leaves her sweater at the crime scene and is also trying to cover for her friend who committed the crime. Then things take a twist. Chloe's mom starts seeing the cop who is investigating the case. Meanwhile , Chloe's youngest sister Phoebe is havin her own. The oldest , Brynn, is dealing with her own friendship problems. When Chloe gets busted, she's grounded. The book ends with her mum getting married to the cop and all of them moving to a little backwoods town to keep Chloe out of trouble. The first book is a bit of a snore compared with the other 6. It's not really a mystery. It just introduces you to the characters. While this does help with the dynamics of the characters and their relationships (which are important in any novel), if you are looking to read a thrilling mystery try some of the other books

My Rating for This Book/5: 4

Some of the Chloe and Levesque books

Snow in Summer - By Jane Yolen Summer

Snow in Summer is a fantasy novel by Jane Yolen summer that is a spin off of the fairy tale Snow White, and contains a small reference to Rapunzel.

Cinder - Book 1 of The Lunar Chronicles

The sci -fi/fantasy novel Cinder is the first in a series of books parodying popular fairy tales, but with one main storyline. This book was an interesting and amazing read because of the well known Cinderella storyline with massive twists

The main protagonist Cinder Linh is a cyborg (half robot - half human) lives in New Beijing, in a futuristic society after World War III. Her adoptive mother and sister seem to despise her for no apparent reason, while her other adoptive sister Peony is friendly towards her. Cinder also happens to be a mechanic, and her only other friend besides Peony is a robot named Iko. She cannot remember very much about her previous life before she was adopted, and only knows something horrible happened to her body when she was fully human. Being a cyborg causes Cinder to feel isolated and insecure, as she is shunned by the community.One day, Cinder is manning her repair stand at the market when an unexpected Prince Kai, Prince of New Beijing, arrives. Kai invites her to a ball, and is Cinder's love interest for the rest of the book. After the prince leaves, there is an alarming event. A young boy had caught letumosis, which was an incurable plague created by a race of creatures called Lunars, who live on the moon.Lunars are capable of controlling a human's emotions, and can change their appearances using something called Glamour. They are greatly feared by humans.Hearing of Cinder runs from the market out of fear of being quarantined for being in the vicinity of someone with letumosis, because she needed to work everyday. However, a few days later, Peony begins to show signs of Letumosis and Cinder realises that she may have had traces of it on her. Her sorrowed stepmother angrily sends Cinder to become a test subject for Letumosis. She is sent to the palace, where the royal doctors are to perform tests on her. Meanwhile, earth is facing a new threat from the Lunar race. Their queen, Lavinia, wants to marry Kai. However, Kai knows Lavinia is evil, and will use her Glamour to control the world. He refuses the marriage at first, but then Lavinia threatened to enter the earth with force. Kai and the world leaders must now make a tough decision ; Let Lavinia take over slowly, or refuse the marriage and risk an attack? This issue is prevalent throughout the book. During this time, Cinder also learns many shocking secrets about herself, including the fact that she is incapable of contracting Letumosis. Why? Read the book and find out!

This book had complex characters with the storyline following that from the fairy tale Cinderella, but with science fiction and drama influence. For the most part, the descriptive language in the book is amazing, giving the reader a good picture of the surroundings. However, the authour seemed to neglect describing the main characters like Cinder and Prince Kai. The reader is not given a clear picture of what they look like in their minds, and we are forced to wonder. Maybe some people enjoy this, but it is preferable to have a concrete idea of the features of these characters. However, this is made up for in the description of their characters. Throughout the book, the authour introduces many situations, and how the characters cope with these situations shows a great deal about their virtues. For example, when Peony dies, Cinder becomes hysterical and risks being sent to jail to retrieve Peony's I.D. chip ( a chip that all humans have in this future society) so she can remember her. This shows that Cinder lets her emotions control her in dangerous situations, and while she is intelligent, she does not often think about the consequences. Overral, unique characters combined with a plot that mixes old and new made this a great read, though there are still some things to made clear.

My Rating for This Book/5 : 4 1/2

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