Back From Paradise.








Like some crazed refugee from

Pilgrims Progress I languished

through valleys of despair,

knee high snows and bitter

travails carrying the burdens

on my back from daily life.

Then a bright light

appeared on the horizon,

and my path led to greener pastures

as I escaped from life's relentless journey

to 17 days in paradise.

It was like a full body orgasm

as I shrugged off the

weight of my years

and took a detour to

the shores of a heavenly place.

I have often believed

that an orgasm is a

tiny taste of what heaven is like

granted to us by a gracious God

who knows how stressed out we become.

But a vacation of one's senses.....

a fleeing to someplace unfamiliar

to simply relax and bask

in natures finest nectar's,

is a close second to the

orgasmic gifts we were all granted.

So I wound up on a tiny private beach

to spend my days just playing guitar,

surfing, and eating like some

gluttonous wild boar

at all of the best restaurants.

Fishing of course was another joy,

deep sea and shore fishing

as well as river casting

in a salt water world.

but it was the peace

I pursued most.

Much ado about

nothing to do,

except do nothing.

A lovely little setting,

where one could run almost bare,

and savor the natural

elements that all men

have cherished since

caves were our dwelling.

Perhaps bittersweet,

for I was on a coast

not yet tarballed by greed,

or slick with oiled palms.

The only BP I faced was

a jar of honey for my toast.

But who knows what next year will bring

to this lovely place as the decomposed rot

of plant and animal matter slinks its way

around the bottom of the U.S. killing all

sea creatures in its path.

But even that I set aside

for a short while

in a sling back canvas chair

with a three mile stare

out across the restless,

ocean of blue that was my fondest

companion for over two weeks.

No alarms, no schedules,

no bedtimes per say

just long walks on a beach

morning and night

breathing the salted tang

of that vast ocean,

while my lips suckled

the salted tang of a margarita

and a neon lime to

highlight my surroundings

with even sharper accuity.

Time is warped when one is away,

it starts off with endless days

that seem to go on forever and ever

and then snowballs you with reality.

It sandbags you with the

luggage of an impending departure.

Then suddenly you

are packing all the

neccessities from home

because it has become neccesary

to go home once more.

One last night with toes in the sand

and that ever blowing sea breeze

parting my now bleached locks

and setting me free till next year.

I can still hear those waves

when I run the disposal,

or the rain that greeted me

as it hammers my roof at home.

But it can't wash away the memories,

they will be boxed in neat photos

and placed with others years

of paradise lost in a closet

for some cold winter day when i need

to simply look back through digital frames

and revisit what i so enjoyed.

~~~~~~~~~~~~MFB III

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Micky Dee profile image

Micky Dee 6 years ago

Thanks for the tour maestro! It brings back memories- I never had!

always exploring profile image

always exploring 6 years ago from Southern Illinois

I,m laughing so hard i can,t see, Micky you kill me!

MFB, beautiful pictures, i know u had a wonderful time.

Cheers and God Bless

Jen 6 years ago

Beautiful poem, I felt like I was actually there for a minute. :) And what a beautiful place! You're lucky to have gone, even if you did have to return home. Some of your pictures reminded me of a friend's pictures who is a photographer... seems like you almost have the same eye for views. :) Really enjoyed, thanks for sharing MFB... it's the closest I'll ever come to such a breathtaking vacation :)

Nellieanna profile image

Nellieanna 6 years ago from TEXAS

What awesome photos! Your artist's eye is truy amazing. I wanted to linger over each photo but was pulled on to see the next one and the next. You are truly a photographer of stature! And the lines about stashing the paradise away in boxes in the closet for a cold winter's day revisit are so priceless. I must become a fan!

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