Back To My Roots.

Back to my roots. ©-MFB III



I must soon return to that moving place,

that dwarfs me with it's awesome space,

and puts great peace upon my face,

the oceanside so full of grace,

each sweeping wave erodes the land

and turns large boulders into sand,

and lays a carpet at my feet,

of endless conquest and defeat,

it's here I know that all I do,

just like the shells are cast out too,

and cling with fervent grips to dreams,

some stay and others are swept clean,

in all the waves that life brings down,

of grief and joy, each time around,

until at last we're someday found,

buried in drifts beneath a mound,

of all that was, but what will be's

on heavens shores, eternally.

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