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It hurts to see all my poems discarded,

really hit home like my heart just lost it,

felt like it dropped from the very top,

Wana break a tear out but still I stop,

Ready for whatever, no matter what I'm strong,

Never hold it in 'cause the feeling might be gone,

stranger than before I feel nothing no more,

just a lot words thrown my way by the shore,

Head down low with my hopes up high,

I lift my fist up like a Black man's pride,

an it's okay

cause in the end they die,

the feelings of hate are overcome by my

peace that overwhelms me inside

my heart yells Never Will I Break and Cry

My heart has wounds, some people knew

and I ignored it like it was nothing true,

I'm never ending

and that's the truth,

a soft spoken young man with nothing more to lose.

Lovely.....   = /

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Kylo88 profile image

Kylo88 5 years ago from dc

love it. actually wrote something like this today while i was pacing! lol

Richlove profile image

Richlove 5 years ago from Denver,CO Author

Right on, I appreciate the feedback. Hah while pacin' huh? That's sounds purdy awesome.

Avenger675 profile image

Avenger675 5 years ago from Australia

That's rather deep, I like it.

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