Bad day For A Cheap Hanging.


Bad Day for a Cheap Hanging.       |


©-MFB III                                        |



Bad enough he

wanted to end his life,
but he was in

the middle of nowhere,
fleeing his demons

across steaming asphalt.
Car low on gas,

two bucks in his pocket,
then total despair caught

him in Bum-fiddle U.S.A.
somewhere just

past Iowa...whole lot,
just like his life

of debts unpaid.
Even worse

it was a dinky tree,
with sharp prickers

 and his rope was
a couple of

soup stained ties,
from when he

used to have a job.
Most unfortunate as well
were the numerous

bleeding scratches
he acquired trying

 to string his noose.
Nothing blissful was

found in his demise,
a stray tie-tack cut

into his Adams apple,
and his neck

failed to break.
Being only inches

from the ground,
he suffocated slowly,
trying hard not to

tippy-toe back to life.
He gargled strangled 

curses and wished
as he was dying

that he had found
a bigger tree to

crucify himself on.
The birds found him

before the police did,
and his socket-less stare would

haunt them long after

he was the bones
he had chosen

to become.

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Jen 6 years ago

gruesome! this is what would likely happen to

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