Baroness of Hearts

brave witness to the cold, embittered,

lonely dark.

You are dear to me

so in this my gratitude will be

I may stand alone

before legions majestic throne,

in a gentle land,

bordered with lavish green trees

and pearl white sands,

but rest assured when I give a testament

my souls lament

full of streaming illustrious light

tempered vision and vivid sight

I will speak forthright

to your random acts of kindness,

something that truly should bind us,


in this world heart sick with pain,

I will sing of your glory

your faithful story

and of your personal integrity

my dearest lady


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Connie Fiala 2 years ago

... 4 years later, still a wonderful read. You are gifted Sir

Connie Fiala profile image

Connie Fiala 7 years ago from Australia

Too brilliant to read just once...

Connie Fiala 7 years ago

You write ever so lovely, just Splendid!

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lyricsingray 7 years ago

This is one of my favorites so far. My friend, I'm so thankful your here with these Hubs, beautiful job, kimberly

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