Beat Him

Will our heroes beat the persistent and candy loving Majin buu?
Will our heroes beat the persistent and candy loving Majin buu? | Source

That Majin Buu fills our heroes with fear,

They don’t ever give up, but they don’t compare.

Some chocolates in his belly, our job is now clear,

Just beat him - just beat him.


You better fight, better do what you can,

Don’t wanna see you be a super saiyan.

You gotta at least be, a super saiyan 3, (but you don’t wanna be bad!)

To beat him - just beat him!



Beat him, beat him (X2)

No-one wants to be eaten.

Show him your power, show him your stuff,

It doesn’t matter if you’ve had enough –

Just beat him.



He’s gonna get you, better fuse while you can.

Don’t wanna be two parts, wanna be a stronger one.

If you wanna stay alive, better do the fusion,

To beat him, just beat him




You have to show him that you’re really not scared,

They are giving you their lives, this aint no truth or dare,

He’ll kick you and he’ll beat you, but you gotta hang in there

So beat him –you’ve got the spirit bomb, so beat him.

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