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There were some incidents which inspired me to write this poem 20 years back. I found Rajiv Gandhi to be a very handsome man as a kid and was a huge fan so his untimely death definitely shocked me. The explosion of the bomb was so powerful that even his body couldn't be recognized. He was identified by his shoes. This incident left a strong impact on my young mind and made me wonder how his end came. No bodily remains were left for him to be cremated. Slowly when I overcame the shock I was in constant battle within myself trying to get answers on our vulnerable side. All of us are recognized first by our respective faces. A beautiful face gets registered immediately. All our senses have their respective requirements for example nose always wants the best fragrance, tongue relishes good food, Ears enjoy good music. Similarly eyes loves to watch beautiful creations. It can be in any form, a person or a beautiful place.

I observed some beautiful girls who loved the attention bestowed upon them but became arrogant in due course of time. Human nature is very complicated. We thrive on attention and then take it for granted.

This poem was a reflection on the importance of beauty. Beauty is not just skin deep. It is much more than that. I imagined a beautiful girl and tried to get the message across that there is much more to human beings besides their beauty. Above all beauty is not everlasting.

What if I am not beautiful? Won't you look at me ? I have a beautiful heart but how many of us will want to even know how beautiful and compassionate I am since you ignored me in one look. This is what I tried to convey through my poem.

A pretty face

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picture by Tommerton2010
picture by Tommerton2010
picture by Tommerton2010 | Source

True Beauty

Whom do you call beautiful? Let me know
A young slim and attractive girl who knows all the way to charm people wherever she will go

Her eyes are catching, lips pink as ever
She can easily become the centre of attraction as it come naturally to her

She is proud of her beauty
Rude to others even though they are helpful, but to her it is just their duty

People are always admiring and praising you
But still you are not satisfied and are found mocking at others, like you always do

Why is that feeling of superiority complex in you
You aren't the prettiest as there were prettier girls born too

People will like you because of your beauty but for how long
In your opinion 'Beauty' was everything a person could desire for but now you are proved wrong

When your time is over and you are about to die
Why doesn't your beauty save you when you are not willing to bid goodbye

People will bury you, burn you, Yes! those people who had once admired you
Then why this difference your beauty is still with you

When you are buried ,your flesh is eaten by the insects beneath the ground
Those rosy cheeks, those pink lips, now nowhere will these be found

Had those lips been made to be fed by these insects one day
Of what help was your beauty, now can you say?


A beautiful face

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Picture taken by Girish suryawanshi
Picture taken by Girish suryawanshi
Picture taken by Girish suryawanshi | Source

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QudsiaP1 profile image

QudsiaP1 4 years ago

Your poem reflects a fiery anger, you have done a great job, thank you. :)

snigdha.s profile image

snigdha.s 4 years ago from India,mumbai Author

You are right QudsiaP1. That was written at a tender age when you are full of spark and very reactive .With time one sobers. But I do advocate inner beauty more than physical appearance even today.Beauty is good but shouldn't be a criteria for acceptance or judgement. There is much more to an individual than just beauty which doesn't even last.

Nell Rose profile image

Nell Rose 4 years ago from England

Hi as Qudsia mentioned that was a really fiery anger, and I totally understand what you mean. People forget that their beauty will go, but their personality is what counts, nell

snigdha.s profile image

snigdha.s 4 years ago from India,mumbai Author

Very well said Nell. This poem has a nostalgia. Only the fire has diminished. I'll share an anecdote,I started writing poem when i was 10 years old. Initially they were just rhyming ones and not on very serious subject.This was the first poem on a serious topic and a satire on beauty. When my friends read it they were very encouraging.They showed to it one of our senior matrons and she sarcastically remarked "Oh she must have copied it from somewhere". I was very hurt but i took it sportingly and thought that it must be good enough so she remarked that way.

LisaMarie724 profile image

LisaMarie724 4 years ago from Pittsburgh PA

Nice take on beauty and turned into a poem.

Nell Rose profile image

Nell Rose 4 years ago from England

In a sense that was a really good compliment! lol! People always say that when they are taken aback by talent, so very well done, nell

snigdha.s profile image

snigdha.s 4 years ago from India,mumbai Author

Thanks LisaMarie.

snigdha.s profile image

snigdha.s 4 years ago from India,mumbai Author

Thanks Nell. My mother always kept me grounded. Both my parents are very good looking so i was blessed with good genes but somehow i never liked compliments on my looks. It may sound strange.It was a big turn off. As a kid Mom would say "Anybody's work is beautiful not their skin". That statement got ingrained very deep and I focused more on my work.Thanks once again Nell.Your comments are always welcome here. When you have time do read another poem title is"keep moving ....don't stop".Would love to hear your views.

Vidya Mallar profile image

Vidya Mallar 4 years ago from India

interesting, now those who are beautiful should keep in mind that their beauty of character is the real beauty. And those who are not beautiful their good character gives them beauty. Nice thinking...

snigdha.s profile image

snigdha.s 4 years ago from India,mumbai Author

Very well said Vidya

rahul0324 profile image

rahul0324 4 years ago from Gurgaon, India

This is a stormy rant... and must be respected for the truth it offers... beauty is first in the soul of the person not in the skin...

In complete agreement... beautifully written

snigdha.s profile image

snigdha.s 4 years ago from India,mumbai Author

Thanks Rahul. Appreciate your comments.

rajan jolly profile image

rajan jolly 4 years ago from From Mumbai, presently in Jalandhar,INDIA.

This is a beautiful pom snigdha. And how true. External beauty is shortlived while internal beauty stays on long after the person has gone. Voted up and beautiful.

snigdha.s profile image

snigdha.s 4 years ago from India,mumbai Author

Very well said Rajan Beauty is not skin deep.

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