Because I Know

BECAUSE I KNOW by Ayoola Bandele


Over the years I have come to know

I have navigated, tested and tried

I have done and I have said

My acquired knowledge has become part and parcel of me

Because I dared to venture out, because I dared to know

And now I know.


Because I know I have the confidence to visit the past

I have the confidence to face the future and

I have the confidence to accept now, the present.

Because I know I can dare to venture out, and

Let others into my boat.


Because I know

I can share my knowledge

Because I know,

I can impact and affect my generation

I can inspire and motivate the present and the future

Because I know


For out of knowing come aspirations

Out of nothing comes something beautiful for the present and

Out of nobody comes somebody

For the present is the catalyst for the future and

The future is never ending, Because Now I know.




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