Because I Want to Fly


I Wanna Fly

Thinking about the time
When I was a child

Everything was fine
Everything was mild

Nothing was there to worry
Nothing was there to feel sorry

Only I was there
With my happiness and glory

Why the time passed
Why everything has last

I want to move on to be healed
But this pain never let me to get my shield

What to do, what not to
People remind me frequently

But what I want to do
Only I know secretly

Everybody think that
I am too shy

Now I am gonna say to all
That don't stop me because I want to fly.


cuttler profile image

cuttler 3 years ago from HubPages

Beautiful poem...if only I had the ability to express myself in a poem then I would write hundreds because the things I have inside are deep and bursting to get out there. This poem describes a part of my life and I like it for that.

pooja0908 profile image

pooja0908 3 years ago from Delhi Author

Thank you cuttler. I think almost all have same feelings but the way to express, is different.

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