Bed Time

"Mommy there's a ghost who lives under my bed, he says he used to own this house, he says his name is Ed.

Ed he is the nice ghost, he don't scare me at all, he keeps away the boogie man who lives inside my wall.

The boogie man is scary, he don't like me one bit,

Ed says; "the boogie man will Scare the life out of little kids".

Ed said he would protect me until I grow big and strong, he promised always to keep me safe so his soul can move on.

He said in life he did bad things, he caused good people to shed tears,

For his life of indiscretions he's sentenced one hundred and twenty years.

He must protect the children from the evil in this house, he promised not to leave here until I am all grown, then the lord will lift his sentence and carry Eds soul home.

So don't you worry mommy, you can close the door, I don't need you to leave the light on anymore.

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LABrashear profile image

LABrashear 4 years ago from My Perfect Place, USA

I liked this - what was your inspiration? Voted up.

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