Bee-Fuddled And Bee-reaved.

To Bee Or Not To Bee is no longer the question

We still have A's
and C's And D's
but shortly will
be stripped of B's.

Their busy bodies
their usy odies
because mankind
has bred and bled
survival instincts
from their heads.

No honey for our
toasted breads,
most teas much duller
orange-ish reds,
and many flowers
will succumb,
without bees
gathering pollen.

All toddlers will
run unafraid
of stings on tiny toes,
across the meadows,
empty of most blooms
that once arose.

We've bumbled with
the blessed bee,
we'll grow to
miss each absentee.

Plus butterflies
as well grow rare,
while crazed
republican's declare,
there is no reason
to beware,
of global warming
or acid rain
that we all share,
or toxins in
polluted air.

Yet tiny clues
around us fly,
then disappear
as they all die,
No buzz, no flutter,
and someday,
perhaps all M's
will go away.

No Mother earth,
or beasts to mark,
this planet,
much like Noah's ark,
emptied of Monkeys,
Mice, and Moles,
all Mammals
and Marsupials.
Macaws and Mules,
Musk Ox, Magpies,
as one by one
each species dies.

Plus no Mankind
to note the fact,
that bees are never
coming back.
An Alpha-bet
we're sure to lose,
such losses we must
all refuse.

Write poems
and letters,
help defend,
all creatures
great and small,
to congressmen
send pleas to end,
what could Bee
Earth's great fall.



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always exploring profile image

always exploring 6 years ago from Southern Illinois

Very true about our planet,global warming is happening!


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